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Zakir Kothawala Architects, is a Mumbai based architecture and contracting firm established in 1990 for design, execution and maintenance of residential and commercial projects. The firm enjoys the continued patronage of loyal individual clients and a bevy of corporate enterprises.

As an architectural firm we design, build and decorate bungalows town houses, cinema halls, factories and office buildings. Our repertoire of interior design projects includes homes, offices, retail stores, and bank branches of varying budgets and aesthetic aspirations. Over the past many years, we have worked on projects from Kashmir in the north to Tamil Nadu in the south and have projects of pride in Rajasthan and Gujarat.

Our design language is modern and minimalistic as reflected in our urban projects, but you will also find the influence of traditional designs, motifs and local practices in our projects in rural areas. We blend your style with contemporary design, rugged durability and functional utility, giving you the interiors that you will continue to love.

Individual clients find great comfort in the personal attention we give them and hand-hold them expertly from concept and design to final execution. Our corporate customers respect us for compliance to guidelines, timelines and budgets and find our documentation and process orientation a great benefit.

Our strength may lie in our design, execution but what we are most proud of, is the relationship with clients that traverses their success in life. We continue to be the first choice of every customer that we have worked with.

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Offices, Bank Branches, Retail Stores, Cinema Halls, Factories.

References include Bank branches and back offices for HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank, Axis Bank. Private offices for Fluidline Ahmedabad, AQJ Apparels Tirupur, Sat Investments Ltd. Mumbai

Retail stores for Nabila Mumbai, Prem Stores Raipur. Cinema halls like Vihar cinema and Cinemarc, Vadodra



Apartments, Bungalows, Town-Houses, Farm House

Bungalows in Jaipur,Udaipur, Ahmedabad, Lonavla, Tiruppur. Apartments in Delhi, Mumbai, Pune. Town houses in Dhanera, Gujarat



Our talented team of senior architects and designers have been with the firm for over 15-20 years and are qualified experts in their respective fields.


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Zakir Kothawala
3A Thacker Industrial Estate,
N. M. Joshi Marg, Lower Parel (East),
Mumbai – 400 011. India.

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